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Our legendary hearth-baked croutons are made from big loaves of fresh baked bread, toasted to golden brown, seasoned with herbs & spices and baked again for even more flavor! The result is a toasty crunch and savory flavor like no other.


Besides being America’s original organic stuffing, every variety of Elizabeth’s stuffing features organic herbs & spices baked right into the bread. The herb loaves are then placed in our hearth ovens again for a superb finishing touch.


Looking for wholesome high quality breadcrumbs? Nobody is more versatile. Our all natural & organic breadcrumbs are made to order—in any crumb size desired. We also make Panko Japanese style breadcrumbs, which are wonderfully light and crispy.

Pita Chips

We are pita experts, who for decades have been baking great pita products for snacking, toppings, and ingredient components. Toasted to perfection, our flavorful pita chips can be customized to meet most flavor profiles and specs.

Innovative Snacks

Elizabeth’s sets its sights on innovation first. Our passion leads us to explore Vegan, Keto and other cutting edge snack options. We bring our natural, fresh baked style to new formulas every day.

Contract Manufacturing

With the latest technology & quality systems, Elizabeth’s Foods prides itself on providing superb contract manufacturing services. We’ve earned an outstanding reputation serving private label customers in retail, food service, institutional and ingredients supply.

Soups • Salads • Breading • Toppers • Functional Snacks

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We’re dedicated to Nutritional Excellence

100% Natural
or Certified Organic


No Trans-Fat

No Hydrogenated

Company History

Four generations ago our family made its great commitment to baking by opening a small bakery in Portland, OR. The year was 1910 and like so many people in America, our family emigrated from Europe in search of a better life.

The hours were long and the work was tough. Everything was done by hand, including mixing the dough. Warm bread was delivered each morning by horse and carriage. The family paid extra for fresh quality ingredients, but that made a difference. Customers soon lined up for the old world flavors wafting from the little bakery shop on Stark Street.

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